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Kennispark Twente Cluster

Kennispark Twente Cluster



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Kennispark is the major innovation park of the Netherlands campus. It holds the second place in the ranking of commercial orders in the state. Kennispark has employed 6300, including 3000 specialists with an academic position in the University.

The mission of Kennispark Twente is to make the business climate of the region better. With this purpose, the following three directions are being developed:

  • Overall support for start-ups (from coaching to funding),
  • Industrial and innovative activities based on joint innovative projects of small and medium enterprises, local industry and the University,
  • Favorable investment climate for innovative organizations.

In December 12th, 2014 within the framework of the international conference “Upsurge of business activity in the academic sphere” held in Enschede, the Netherlands (December 11-12th, 2014) the Public enterprise “Zelenograd Development Cooperation” signed an agreement with the Kennispark Twente cluster (the Netherlands), “MESA+” Institute for Nanotechnology (the Netherlands) and the expert center “Venture Lab International” (the Netherlands).

The agreement provides for development of a Joint innovation program. Within its framework the parties involved shall assist the International Cooperation of researchers, sci-tech companies, research and development branches and research alliances. For the purpose of execution of the agreement the parties intend to attract special research institutions, state innovation agencies, investment funds, scientific parks and incubators to participate in the Joint innovation program.

The agreement provides for the following forms of cooperation:

  • Exchange of Master’s Degree Students in IT and microelectronics,
  • Exchange of research and development data,
  • Trainings on scientific approach and business processes,
  • Mutual visits,
  • Assistance in marker research, etc.   


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