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Biznesmentor Conference 2013

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Date: December 11, 2013
Time : 9:00
Address: Ul. Pokrovka , 47/24 , page 1 , the Central House of the Entrepreneur
Participation format : free, requires registration

December 11, 2013 from 9.15 am to 17.00 in the Central House of Entrepreneurs at the address. Pokrovka , 47/24 , page 1 will be held training conference " Biznesmentor 2013 " for entrepreneurs , dedicated to the creation and development of their own business. This conference is dedicated to the awards ceremony, " Biznesmentor 2013 ", established in the framework of mentoring support from Moscow .

During the training conference will highlight the major issues related to the organization and conduct of their business , give practical advice and disassembled real cases . The speakers training session will major entrepreneurs and leading experts . They will share their invaluable experience with participants and answer the most troubling to many questions.

Among the speakers:

Bob Dorf - the legendary entrepreneur, mentor , author of best-selling business ( including the "Handbook of the founder of the " co-authored with Steve Blank ) . Over 40 years of business founded seven companies. Invested in 24 businesses - 7 out an IPO
Lawrence Wright - Director Startup Academy SKOLKOVO ; Chair for Entrepreneurial Leadership behalf Zimin , a professor of practice
Gary Fowler - Director of Fowler Int'l Experience in marketing, sales , production and business development in the international market of high technology and IT
Pekka Viljakainen - Advisor to the President of the "Skolkovo "
Natalya Kaspersky - Director General InfoWatch
Vladimir White - Head and founder of Alpha Robotics Venture Foundation, CEO and founder of Alpha Smart Systems
Elena Konvisar - Director of Marketing " NEOLANT "
Yuri Stork - curator of the exhibition «Art of War»
The event will be held at 9:15 am and will consist of blocks, each of which affect certain component businesses. A detailed schedule and a list of invited speakers can be found at www.mentoraward.ru. As part of the training conference will be organized coffee break, during which participants will be able to communicate with each other , to broaden their business contacts and ask the speakers questions in an informal setting .

Participation in the conference is free and requires pre-registration online www.mentoraward.ru.

Participants invited aspiring entrepreneurs , yet only have the idea of ​​creating their business, and entrepreneurs who have reached certain performance , but wishing to develop their activities . The event will be interesting entrepreneur at any level and bring him the desired results.

Educational conference timed to the award ceremony " Biznesmentor 2013 " to be held December 11, 2013 at 19:00 in Business prostravnstve " 8 column." Award " Biznesmentor 2013 " was established within the framework of mentoring support from Moscow , initiated by the Department of Science , Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow and supervised GBU " Centre for Innovation for Development" and GBU "Small Business of Moscow."

More information about the program can be found at www.mentorprogram.ru.

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