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Zelenograd entrepreneurs are invited to a workshop on industrial design

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May 29 at 15:00 at the address: Zelenograd, st. Youth. 8, 11th floor will be a free 4-hour workshop in the direction of "Industrial Design". We invite you to participate! The event is part of the practical educational course “Creating an innovative product: from idea to mass production”. Organizers: Karfidov Lab Engineering Company, Zelenograd Development Corporation. Competency carriers: Karfidov Lab Workshop Program: - Approaches in the design of integrated technical devices, - Implementation of design thinking in a team, - Generation and systematization of ideas and concepts, - Work with the team: the interaction of the designer and engineer, - Basics of ergonomics and technical aesthetics, - Teaser layout, three-dimensional modeling. At the master class there will be an immersion in the topic of developing scenarios for using the product as an integral stage in the design of a new product. Creation of product concepts based on accepted scenarios and sketches of possible iterations. Topic analysis: - How to realize sketches and sketches, - The importance of surface modeling in 3D and final prototyping, - On surfaces and highlights, fillets and chamfers, - Related product items, as well as instructions, POSM materials, packaging and so on. It is planned to analyze topics on how: - Prepare and serve the final renderings, - Present ideas to the customer and management, - Use explosion schemes and color-textured maps, - Form presentations and transfer materials to the engineer for further study. Speakers: 1. Dmitry Vasiliev, co-founder, Director of Development, LLC “Karfidov Lab”, LLC “Medical Engineering”, LLC “Komarik”. A graduate of NUST “MISiS”, master of the joint program of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In 2014, he trained at the University of South Carolina's Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, University of South Carolina. Conducted research under the guidance of Professor Zafer Gurdal and Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Psahye S.G. Donor of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Since 2014, co-owner of the engineering company Karfidov Lab. For 5 years, the company has become a leader in the market of industrial design and high-tech design of innovative devices with a turnover of more than 80 million rubles. He co-founded several spinof companies, attracted investors to a project to create medical equipment. 2. Alexander Yamaev, leading designer. An expert in the field of Product Design and Development, end-to-end design and development management, as well as in the field of production technologies. He graduated from Moscow State Technical University MAMI, had an internship at VW AG in Wolfsburg (Avtostadt), PJSC KamAZ. Since 2016, Karfidov Lab has been a designer, leading designer. “Karfidov Lab” is a design bureau for engineering design and development of technological products and their prototypes at NUST MISiS, Skolkovo. The company operates primarily in the areas of instrumentation, robotics, medicine and transport. Over 5 years, more than 200 projects have been implemented, including the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Games torch, ExoChair exoskeleton for industry and medicine, GreenBar hydroponic installation, Anisoprint 3D printer, medical analyzer, Komarik automatic injector, etc.

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