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Moscow's non-resource non-energy exports grew by almost 28 percent in the first eight months

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Несырьевой неэнергетический экспорт Москвы по итогам восьми месяцев вырос почти на 28 процентов
During this period, shipments to the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Switzerland, and Hong Kong increased significantly. Polypropylene, therapeutic breathing equipment, beet sugar and other products showed the highest positive dynamics.
Experts from the Moscow export center (MEC), which is subordinate to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development, analyzed the key trends in non-resource non-energy exports (NNE) in Moscow from January to August 2020.

"In the first eight months of this year, the volume of Moscow's NNE increased by almost 28 percent compared to the same period last year and amounted to more than 21.5 billion US dollars. During this period, deliveries of non-primary non-energy products to key importers of the capital also increased: export figures to the UK increased by 287 percent, to the US-by 37 percent, to China-by 36, - said Alexey Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development. -At the same time, Switzerland and Hong Kong are among the top 10 leading countries that consume goods from Moscow this year. Both countries have significantly expanded their cooperation with Moscow manufacturers: the volume of NNE to Hong Kong increased by 214 percent, and to Switzerland-by 350.

" The most significant positive dynamics was noted in the non-metallic materials and products industry: the volume of exports of goods in this category amounted to $ 971 million, which is 55 percent higher than last year. The greatest contribution to this increase was made by a five-fold increase in the supply of polypropylene abroad.

"From January to August of this year, foreign partners also imported 36 percent more goods in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals compared to 2019. In particular, the supply of packaged medicines increased by 75 percent, diagnostic reagents by 92 percent, and therapeutic respiratory equipment by 287 percent. Moscow's food industry shows an increase in export volumes by 13 percent. Among the products in this category, beet sugar is the leader in terms of supply growth, " Alexey Fursin added.

During this period, Moscow still maintained its leadership among Russian regions both in terms of total exports (the capital's share in the total volume was 40 percent) and in non-resource non-energy exports (Moscow's share in the structure of the Russian NNE was 23 percent).

The Moscow export center provides various types of financial and non-financial support to the capital's foreign trade companies. For export-oriented companies in the capital, subsidies of up to three million rubles are provided to compensate for the costs of adaptation, certification and transportation of products abroad, as well as for certification of management systems. In addition, entrepreneurs can receive 10 percent of the amount of executed export contracts in the form of grants.

The IEC also organizes participation of the capital's exporters in major international exhibitions and business missions with representatives of foreign countries, which are now held online. Companies are also provided with free accounts on the world's leading marketplaces, as well as services for analytical research of foreign markets and search for buyers. Business representatives can learn the subtleties of foreign economic activity at the Moscow school of the exporter. To learn more about the IEC programs and apply for participation in THEM, please visit the website.


The Moscow export center was established By the government of Moscow to provide financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurs of the city of Moscow to promote the products of Moscow manufacturers and service providers to foreign markets. One of the key tasks of the IEC is to increase the number of Moscow exporters and implement projects for the effective development of their foreign economic activities.

For more information, please contact the press service Of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of the city of Moscow at the following email address or in the telegram channel pressdpir.


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