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Zelenograd's VENDOTEK terminals accept payments with smartphones and NFC watches

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Зеленоградские терминалы VENDOTEK принимают оплату смартфонами и NFC-часами
The electronics of the company-participant of the ITK "Zelenograd" GC "Terminal Technologies" combines all the achievements of fintech. Touch POS terminals and validators for transport from Zelenograd accept payments not only with cards, but also with mobile NFC devices: smartphones, smart watches, rings. It is especially convenient to do without cash when traveling and on vacation.

Domestic VENDOTEK is a mini-computer with a touch screen, certified by Mastercard, Visa, MIR, China UnionPay and accepts payments with devices with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. He manages vending machines, turnstiles, many hundreds of self-service car washes, interacts with customers on the plinths, replaces bus conductors. More than 90,000 terminals, validators and bank card readers are used in vending and transport in Europe, Asia and Russia.

"VENDOTEK terminals with Smart City payment technologies allow you not to carry cash and not to look for a bank card in your pockets. Mobile devices with NFC increase the security of payment, no one will see the card number or CVC code even when paying among the crowd. Our partners widely use Zelenograd terminals in vending machines at railway stations and resorts, in offices and shops, " said Dmitry Kornienko, Marketing Director of Terminal Technologies Group.

About the Company:

The Terminal Technologies Group of Companies is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of POS-terminals for vending and validators for transport, successfully exporting products to Europe and Asia. Founded in 2004, it developed the first Russian innovative POS-terminal in 2009.

More than 20,000 VENDOTEK terminals accept payments with cards and mobile phones in vending machines, self-service kiosks and various stand-alone services in Russia and Europe. More than 70,000 VALITEK validators and TRANSITEK bank card readers built into partner validators help you pay for transportation in most regions of Russia and the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Our production facility is located in Zelenograd.


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