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AlphaCHIP LLC Director: Director General Alexander L. Stempkovsky
Phone: 8 (495) 657-98-80
Address: Russian Federation, 124498, Moscow, Zelenograd, Shokin Square, bldg. 1/8

General Information:

AlphaCHIP LLC was established in March, 2006. The team was actually formed in 1993rd in the framework of the former company-predecessor. From that time the team has carried out more than 100 different projects on the development of complex digital, analog, mixed-signal IP-blocks, integrated circuits, systems on chip, test chips based on submicron and nanometer technologies for leading semiconductor companies such as Motorola, Freescale Semiconductor, AMI Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor. The team has also developed a number of highly efficient tools for integrated circuits design.

The leading semiconductor enterprises and design centers of Moscow and Zelenograd (JSC “Mikron”, JSC “ICC Milandr”, Research & Development Center “ELVEES”, NIISI RAS and others) are among the Russian partners of the company. 

Research and development:

The main AlphaCHIP activities include:

  • research, development and verification of library elements;
  • research and development of complex functional blocks (IP-blocks);
  • development of memory compilers and custom embedded memory modules for VLSI/SoC;
  • development of unique specialized CAD tools surpassing the world analogues.

More than 20-year experience of VLSI components design includes:

  • more than 270 standard cell/IO library releases (including radiation hardened);
  • more than 70 releases of analog libraries;
  • more than 250 releases of SRAM, ROM, PROM, EEPROM (including radiation hardened);
  • specialized IP-blocks for memory parameters measurement;
  • more than 30 test chips for memory verification;
  • 57 IP-blocks (15 ADC&DAC, 8 analog BiCMOS IP-blocks, MAC and others);
  • Vector Communications Processor (VECOMP), DDR2, USB 2.0.

One of the most promising areas from the mentioned above is the development of memory compilers (design tools) providing high-performance design of memory modules (single and dual-port RAM and ROM) with random configurations for systems on chip. The set of AlphaCHIP memory compilers gives an opportunity to provide operative (1-2 weeks) design services of memory modules for VLSI and SoC for semiconductor companies.


The projects carried out by AlphaCHIP LLC are based on the most advanced semiconductor technologies (both bulk silicon and SOI) with design rules of deep submicron and nanometer ranges (up to 32 nm).

Инфраструктурный проект по созданию гетерогенной АСКУЭ на основе интеллектуальных приборов энергоучета, разработанных и изготовленных на базе отечественных микроэлектронных компонентов

Design Services
Design automation and VLSI development and systems on a chip

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