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APIK Tech 09.06.2018 Director: Yuri Dudkin
Phone: (499) 710-99-11, (495) 543-7650
Address: Solnechnaya alleya, 6, Zelenograd, 124527, Russia

General Information:

Scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.
The company has its own production and highly qualified specialists.

Research and development:

R & D "Development of a mobile electronic-measuring complex of increased accuracy with microprocessor control, for measuring the adhesion of polymer coatings applied to arbitrary surface types"

R & D "Development and implementation of pilot projects for the implementation of intelligent energy-saving systems for smart multi-apartment buildings, social and budgetary facilities"

R & D "Development of an intelligent energy-saving system for monitoring, managing and distributing electricity with the possibility of entering reservation channels using alternative sources of electricity for departmental buildings of municipal institutions" Clever School "

R & D "Development, manufacturing and testing of an automated control system for a multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle"

R & D "Development of intelligent plant growth control systems"


Development of high-tech and science-intensive products in medicine, avionics, hydroponics, industry.


Measuring equipment, production of contract printed circuit boards, milling and cutting equipment, mechanized processing shop.

Products and services:

Equipment of destructive testing - Adhesimeter of electronic series AMC2 and AMC2M for measuring and control of adhesion strength of coating.
The equipment of the DIMET series for gas-dynamic application of metal coatings when performing a wide range of repair and restoration works.
Hydroponic equipment of premium class FITONICE.
Manufacturing of POS-accessories

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