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ARP-MICROSYSTEMS 11.09.2016 Phone: 84956495052
Address: 123298 Moscow, Russia Marshal Malinovsky street 6, building 1

General Information:

ARP-Microsystems - R&D design center of the analog and mixed signal IPs and ICs. Our company have developed and implemented an original methodology of designing analog circuits based on modern tools software and deployment of high performance semiconductor technology.

ARP-Microsystems  provides customers high-tech solutions and helps in the development of the most complex analog and mixed IPs units and products based on them. All this allows us to offer the customer a short development time, low cost, and most importantly the decision of excellent quality. 

The main competencies of the ARP-Microsystems is development of  high precision bandgap  and voltage regulators for SoC and ASIC, high voltage power management and battery monitor-charging as well as high-precision frequency generators for industrial, medical and automotive applications.

Research and development:

ARP-Microsystems is R&D design center of the analog and mixed-signal IPs and ICs and especially focusing on the following areas:

  • Precision voltage and current sources with low temperature coefficient
  • Voltage regulators and power system control with functions like temperature monitoring, current limit, short circuit protection and so on
  • High-precision low- and high- frequency generators with low power consumption
  • Low phase noise phase lock loop and delay lock loop
  • High-speed interfaces and data systems.

These solutions are proven in microelectronic applications such as mainstream IC, ASIC and SoC

  • High performance microcontrollers
  • Smart Cards
  • Automotive industry
  • Health & Care

Products and services:

Main Services

 ARP-Microsystems provide customers the full complex of services:

  • Development of technical specifications and  proposals
  • Choice of semiconductor technology
  • Calculation cost of prototypes production and commercial parties
  • Design of analog and mixed IP blocks and application specific integrated circuits
  • Verification of schematic circuits based on the PVT and statistical Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Verification of schematic circuits to increase reliability and yield
  • Creating methodology of testing and provide of the lab test
  • Packaging and  ATE-test
  • Development of the technological documentation: datasheet, application and etc

Design and development

 ARP-Microsystems provide additional features (design and development):

  • Providing consulting  in the design and development of ASIC, integrated IP blocks in the project, preparing to production
  • Automatic translation of the project from current technology to new
  • Verification and optimization of circuits for compliance with the technical specifications, taking into account the worst-case and taking into account the Cp / Cpk parameters
  • Improve of reliability and yield
  • Additional control circuits with ultra low power consumption
  • Calculation of the total number of chips on the wafer and yield according to the technological process
  • Choice of packaging, calculation of power dissipation, industrial packages for small and medium batches

Electrostatic and electromagnetic compatibility

ARP-Microsystems provide electrostatic and electromagnetic compatibility:

  • ESD stress simulation and analysis
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference: DPI analysis
  • Emission simulation
  • BCI simulation

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