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BIOSS Director: Tsybin Igor
Phone: +7 (495) 276-27-90 / 91 / 92
Address: 124489, Moscow, Zelenograd, Sosnovaya alleya, 6a, build. 1

General Information:

NPF BIOSS was founded in 1992 by scientists of radio electronics department at Moscow institute of electronic technic (MIET). At present NPF BIOSS is one of the leading Russian medical equipment manufacturers.

Medical ultrasound diagnostic equipment production is the main company activity. NPF BIOSS develops new devices and upgrades existing models in close collaboration with plenty medical institutions.

The wide range of BIOSS medical diagnostic devices includes the following products already launched in the market:

- Ultrasound scanners;

- Doppler spectral devices for cerebral peripheral blood flow evaluation;

- One-dimensional ultrasound scanners (echos, sinuscans);

- Fetal monitors;

- System for the treatment of hemorrhoids under the Doppler control.

The aim of company is to equip state and private medical institutions in every region of Russia. The company sees its mission in equipping of medical institutions by high-tech domestic medical devices. The main tendency is the perfection of ergonomics, reliability, interactivity and functionality of developing devices.

In the nearest future BIOSS are going to implement new developments in accordance with medical industry demands and technological advances. It is the basis for BIOSS leadership at Russian market and improvement at world market. To enter the world market BIOSS carried out the ISO 9001-13485 certification of the manufacture and CE-marking of the products. 


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