ELTOCHPRIBOR Director: Сажнев Сергей Викторович
Phone: +7 (499) 735 0931, +7 (499) 735 5363
Email: gas@eltochpribor.ru
Address: Russian Federation, 124460 Moscow, Zelenograd Panfilovsky pr-t 10 (NIITM)
Website: www.eltochpribor.ru

General Information:

ELTOCHPRIBOR is a Russian engineering and scientific-production company, carries out a complex of works on creation of technological gas supply systems of industrial facilities and research centers.

Products and services:

The company "ELTOCHPRIBOR" develops the following activities:

  • Design, installation and examination of technological gas supply systems of high-tech industries;
  • Development and production of components of gas supply systems and gas distribution systems.;
  • R & D and production of components for gas systems: mass flow controllers (MFC), gas pressure regulators, valves and fittings.

РРГ-К: компактный контроллер с сенсорным дисплеем для управления электронным регулятором расхода газа РРГ - 12
Регулятор массового расхода газа электронный РРГ - 10

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