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Closed Joint Stock Company ELVEES NeoTek

Closed Joint Stock Company ELVEES NeoTek Director: Rakutin Alexander
Phone: +7 495 648-78-23
Address: ELVEES NeoTek Proyezd 4922, 4 build. 2, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russian Federation, 124498

General Information:

"ELVEES-NEOTEK" specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative security systems, business monitoring software top-level information and analytical decision support systems in large-scale distributed systems metropolis with infrastructure and traffic.

ZAO "ELVEES-NEOTEK" creates innovative security systems and monitoring business for the domestic and world markets. The company is a technology partner system integrators in Russia and abroad.

Competencies of the company are confirmed by numerous implementations in Russia (Sheremetyevo International Airport, the objects of RusHydro, Gazprom, etc.) and abroad (Israel, the U.S., England, etc.).

Research and development:

Systems CJSC "ELVEES-NEOTEK" are based on computer vision and video analytics. Their implementation can reduce the influence of the human factor, to reduce the number of operators to build large-scale distributed systems metropolis, at the same time solving the problem of urban security, business monitoring, management with infrastructure and traffic.

Products and services:

Orwell 2k video surveillance system with computer vision

A security video surveillance and business monitoring system for 24/7 all weather guarding of perimeter and territory of objects as well as their approaches by means of automatic target (humans, vehicles) and alarm situation (ignition, fumigation, abandoned object, etc.) detection and classification with automatic transmission of the video information to the operator in a real-time mode.

Orwell-R object perimeter and territory guarding radar system

A radar system for guarding objects with extended perimeter, unenclosed territories and water areas including objects of the «water-land» class (hydroelectric power stations, river and sea ports) with extended perimeter.

Senesys-Avto vehicle passage control system with license plate number and vehicle appearance recognition

A system for automation of vehicle passage and presence control on the guarded territory with algorithms of computer vision for recognizing vehicle license plate numbers and their verification by appearance.

IPCam-Parking video camera for license plate number recognition and lifting barrier control

A video camera with embedded algorithms for license plate number recognition and a vehicle database. IPCam-Parking is used for access automation at the traffic checkpoints.

Orwell 2k-TraVio traffic situation monitoring and control system

A system for automatic detection and classification of traffic situations, real-time transmission of information thereof, traffic density analysis and providing information for traffic management.

Statistics customer counting video system.

A professional tool for customer counting based on video surveillance and algorithms of computer vision.

Pass office software complex with on-line application system

An electronic system for application filing and approval, as well as pass preparation and printing for life cycle automation and tracking of employee and visitor passes in the company.

Orwell 2k-Neptune video surveillance system for river and marine vessels

A system for 24/7 all weather guarding of the close perimeter of the vessel, advance automatic warning about approaching vessels and people and movement towards the reefs, prevention of illegal intrusion as well as detection and classification of emergencies on board the vessel.

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Orwell 2k video surveillance system with computer vision

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