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Epiel JSC

Epiel JSC Director: Vladimir Statsenko
Phone: (495) 229-7303
Address: 1st Zapadny proezd 12, bld.2, 124460, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia

General Information:

Epiel is the most advanced developer and manufacturer of Silicon Epitaxial Wafers and provider of Epitaxial Services to major chip manufacturers and research institutes in Russia. For over 15 years Epiel has been serving the needs of Russian microelectronics industry supplying Epitaxial wafers to more than 50 companies across the country. Epiel manufactures a wide range of Silicon Epitaxial Wafers covering diverse microelectronics applications including Bipolar ICs, Discrete Power and many more. Having over 30 years experience in Silicon Epitaxy, our engineering team has developed a variety of specialized processes enabling Epiel to meet some of the most challenging technology demands of our customers. We focus our greatest efforts on offering our customers well-balanced products and solutions tailored to provide higher yield and best performance. This is achieved through close collaboration with customers and leveraging our engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Research and development:

Apart from manufacturing operation Epiel runs research and development projects in Epitaxial technology. Our engineering team has a long record of R&D projects carried out to support the company’s technological development as well as commercial R&D projects. Our engineering capabilities allow us to provide R&D in order to develop customized processes to customer specification and supply non-standard Epitaxial products such as Ultra-high resistivity (Intrinsic) Epitaxial wafers, Ultra-thick layer Epitaxial wafers, Multilayer Epitaxial wafers and other. The combination of engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities makes Epiel a versatile partner to meet your specific Silicon Epitaxy needs.


Epiel’s production facility houses over 1000 square meters of international class clean rooms. The facility is equipped with field proven high throughput Epitaxial deposition tools used by some of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. Our facility has been undergoing steady growth and modernization based on accurate analysis of industry leaders’ experience and consultations with acknowledged industry experts. Today the company is moving further with its development by increasing Epitaxial wafer production capacity and introducing 200 mm Epi products for Power device and Integrated circuit applications. To ensure extensive customer satisfaction our Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard and is regularly audited both by internal analysts and external experts.

Products and services:

Silicon Epitaxial wafers

Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafers

Wafer size

76, 100, 150, 200 mm

76, 100, 150 mm

Epi-layer thickness

3,0 – 300 µm

0,3 – 2,0 µm

Epi-layer resistivity

0,05 – 1500 n-type

0,05 – 1000 p-type

2,5–10; 5–30; >30 n-type

0,01 – 1,0 p-type


Integrated Circuits, Discrete Power, other applications

Rad Hard ICs, Sensors

Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafers
Silicon Epitaxial Wafers

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