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Medical Computer Systems LTD.

Medical Computer Systems LTD. Director: Dmitrii Prilutskiy
Phone: +7 (495) 913 3194
Address: 124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, passage 4922, Bldg. 4 – 2

General Information:

The company Medical Computer Systems (MCS) is specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech medical devices since 1993 year. Projects include a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as EEG, ECG, automatic external defibrillators, biomedical amplifiers for clinics and researches.

Research and development:

Innovation is key to successful devices, and MCS is committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of technology. As new technology is developed, it is integrated into our solutions to benefit our clients. Case in point, we were among the first to use sigma-delta AD converters for biomedical devices. DSP-technologies, state-of-the-art algorithms and embedded real-time OS are extensively used by our engineers.

During the initial phases of a project, a lot of time is spent with clients to analyze their requirements and specifications, crystallize the concept and select the best solution. Several specialists - industrial designer, mechanical, electrical or software engineers, or specialty consultants - are involved in this feasibility phase to ensure that the client’s objectives in terms of clinical performance, costs, manufacturability and patentability are met or exceeded in order to maximize the investment. Simple concept drawings or complete presentation-quality 3D models can be presented depending upon the client’s needs. This step eliminates the bulk of the development risk early on, and can serve as an important milestone for the client and potentially for its investors.

The medical electronics field is strictly regulated with domestic and international regulations and guidelines. Taking into account these regulations early on saves a lot of time, money and heartache later in the development cycle. MCS has valuable experience with this process. MCS provides electronic circuit development for analog and digital boards, micro-controller, DSP, and drivers programming, 3D modeling, verification and validation. Using the latest integrated development tools, our team provides product reliability, horsepower, and flexibility. As part of most development programs, verification testing is performed throughout the development process to ensure that we stay on course toward a successful endpoint. After completion of the design phase, a series of validation tests is typically orchestrated in order to address any shortcomings relative to the original design goals. We encourage the involvement of outside validation engineers during this process in order to maximize objectivity.

Products and services:

MCS provides a complete engineering solution to firms in the medical device arena as outsourcing product development by efficient, innovative and cost-effective team.

Once the design is completed, a full documentation packages is handed hand off to production. Alternatively, MCS can organize manufacturing the product in the ISO certified facility.

Projects cover a wide spectrum of EEG equipment and accessories: clinical electroencephalography, EEG amplifiers for research, including multi-channel amplifiers (more than 160 channels), MR compatible EEG amplifiers, wireless EEG recorders, active EEG electrodes.

EEG accessories MCScap
DC EEG amplifiers NVX

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