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JSC "Scientific Research Institute Submicron"

JSC "Scientific Research Institute Submicron" Director: Vladimir G. Sirenko
Phone: + 7 (499) 731-89-31
Address: 124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, Yuzhnaya Promyshlennaya Zona, Proyezd 4806, h. 4, bld. 2

General Information:

JSC "Scientific Research Institute "SUBMICRON" is based on 24 August 1989. The stuff of the company is 512 employees.

The company specializes in the development of components for on-board computers and the new generation systems for aerospace, aviation and underwater technics.

Research and development:

The main activity of JSC "Scientific Research Institute "SUBMICRON" is design and small series production of modules for highly reliable, fault-tolerant hardware computing systems for space and onboard management systems, also for satellite communications and navigation; systems for receiving and processing sonar information. The company is a developer and provider of identification aircraft system devices, digital control systems for different types of aircraft, spacecraft data processing systems.

SUBMICRON has got departments for Research and Development, test and measurement equipment, onboard and test software.

JSC "Research Institute "SUBMICRON" is equipped with all the necessary complex of assembly, test and adjustment equipment, has got a normative-technical documentation, including specifications for hardware products. The main customers of JSC "Research Institute "SUBMICRON" are the Ministry Of Defence, ROSCOSMOS and the air force.


Scientific Research Institute "Submicron" has mastered all the processes that are necessary for the manufacture and testing of modern electronic equipment.


The company includes: research and development department, pilot production, Department of quality assurance and reliability, engineering and technical service, Administrative and Finance Department.

Products and services:

Types of products: fault-tolerant equipment, onboard computer systems for space and aviation, satellite communication, identification and navigation systems; signal processing equipment; test equipment; and onboard software.

ОКР «Разработка составов пайных материалов на основе перитектических сплавов»

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