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“Lasers and equipment TM SPC

“Lasers and equipment TM SPC Director: Saprykin Leonid
Phone: +7 985 774 00 71
Email: esto@laserapr.ru
Address: Moscow, Zelenograd, passage 4806, b. 4-1
Website: www.aserapr.ru

General Information:

More than 20 years of experience in the market, highly qualified specialists, the presence in the structure of modern research laboratories, design office, own production, service center allows the entire cycle of laser processing of materials - from conducting scientific research, technological experimentation and design to serial production, commissioning and service support. 

It carries a large amount of R & D on the latest technological equipment that meets the growing demands of the market. Recently mastered in serial production systems developed on the basis of the latest component - diodepumped lasers (fiber and solid-state) and kinematic systems for linear motors, protected by patents, started to supply specialized multi-axis systems for 3D processing, work is underway to create a hybrid welding systems et al. 

SPC “Lasers and equipment TM” produces equipment for laser micromachining: cutting, milling, scribing, drilling, laser marking and engraving - a series of markers MLP2, laser engraving on metal, plastic, laser cutting and cutting - a series ml3 and MLP3, laser welding - laser welding of aluminum, titanium, steel, Kovar, fitting resistor film processing.

ML35-1060 laser cutting machine
MLPZ –series cutting machine
LTA4-1, LTA4-2
ML45 - 3D-processing
LTSK4-1 (ML436)

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