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DEAXO RUS Limited Liability Company

DEAXO RUS Limited Liability Company 28.04.2018 Director: Rene Chalmakoff
Phone: +7 495 133 10 75
Email: info.rus@deaxo.com
Address: 18, Andropova prospekt, Build. 5, Moscow 115432 Russia
Website: www.deaxo.com

General Information:

DEAXO is a German enginnering company mainly focused on design and construction of high-tech facilites for microelectronics, pharmaceutical and solar industries. 

Research and development:

From standard to high-purity and hazardous sophisticated system installation, under consideration of safety and quality with the full package of site and facility management. 


We design and install the following systems:
- cleanrooms;
- UPW and WWT;
- exhaust treatment;
- CDA;
- vacuum;
- power supply;
- chilled water;
- special gases;
- plenum;
- tool hook-up


All needed permits and authorizations to design and execute projects in Russia;
ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified;
higly qualified local in-house engineering and technical personnel with experience in executing projects in Western Europe and South-East Asia;
Revit design;
PM software;
Measuring equipment for all CR purity classess;
Own warehouse 

Products and services:

Technology transfer
Engineering and Design
Project and Construction Management
Turnkey Solutions
Services&Facility Management 

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