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Scientific and technical centre «Energomodel» LTD

Scientific and technical centre «Energomodel» LTD 25.01.2017 Director: Alexander Shalumov
Phone: +79165812577
Email: als@asonika-online.ru
Address: Str. Lugovaja, Building 4/9, Room 1, the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow, 143026, Russian Federation
Website: www.asonika-online.ru

General Information:

STC "Energomodel" has more than 30 professionals, one third of which have academic degrees of candidates and doctors of sciences. Over the past few years by the Center defended 20 master's theses, doctoral dissertations are being prepared in the field of CAD and information technology.

Research and development:

1. Complex mathematical modeling of radio electronic means (REM) over the life cycle "design - production - operation" with the use of computers and new information technologies.
2. Integration of CAD systems, complex computer modeling and technological preparation of production REM based on CALS-technologies.
3. Development of training and retraining techniques, training and retraining of workers and computer-aided design of integrated computer modeling of radio-electronic means.
These topics correspond to the priority directions of development of federal science and technology "Information and telecommunication systems."
They carried out within the establishment and implementation of an automated system to ensure reliability and quality of the equipment in accordance ASONIKA with the requirements of CALS-technologies at the design stage - the production - operation.


Using automated ASONIKA system, you can use a computer to anticipate and prevent all kinds of failures has not yet made
electronic equipment intended for operation in the military, aerospace and civilian objects. And all this can be done within a few
hours, and very clearly.
Application ASONIKA system provides automated design of complex REM under the influence of external destabilizing factors
in accordance with the requirements of CALS-technologies at the stages of design, production-ekspluata¬tsiya and thus provide:
- Improving the quality of the design of complex REM;
- The exclusion of critical errors in the design of complex REM;
- Reducing the time and complexity of work on the design of complex REM;
- To achieve full coverage of all stages of the product life cycle from marketing to disposal in accordance with the standards of CALS-technologies;
- Keeping the most complete range of influencing factors (mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, radiation);
- Reducing the time and costs of design due to the availability of a developer of complex software offered by REM and the adequacy of the simulation results.


The structure of STC "Energomodel":
- General Director - Head of Research Development (Prof.);
- Deputy Director General for Research (PhD);
- Mechanical process simulation sector (4 Ph.D., senior researcher 1, 3 lead programmer);
- Thermal processes modeling sectors (2 PhD, senior researcher 1, 1, lead programmer);
- Electromagnetic processes modeling sector (1 Ph.D., senior researcher);
- The reliability of the sector (2 Ph.D., senior researcher);
- Sector data support (1 Ph.D., Associate Professor; 1 junior researcher);
- Testing and documentation sector (1 Ph.D., Associate Professor; 1 junior researcher).
Managed in the Virtual Design Bureau (VDB).
Head VDB - General Director.
The structure created by the VDB individual projects, within which the coordination times originators remotely.

Products and services:

Scientific and technical centre «Energomodel» performs numerical simulation of electronic equipment to external thermal, mechanical, electromagnetic exposure by using its own
design - the automated system to ensure reliability and quality ASONIKA equipment and services for the implementation of software ASONIKA enterprises.
Automated system for ensuring the reliability and quality of ASONIKA equipment designed for analysis and durability of electronic means of complex thermal, mechanical,
electromagnetic effects and workflow in design and can be used in enterprises, developing equipment that is installed on mobile objects.

Carrying out of calculations

Automated system for ensuring reliability and quality of equipment ASONIKA.

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