FORM 18.10.2016 Director: Natalya Eliseeva
Phone: (495) 269-75-90, (495) 269-75-91
Address: 34,Ochakiv highway,Moscow,119530,Russia

General Information:

 FORM Co. Ltd. specializes
in design and manufacturing of Automatic Test
Equipment for ICs, semiconductors, relays and
circuit boards testing.
Since its founding FORM has steadily progressed
in ATE and measurement technologies, and
has become the major Russian Test Systems
& Services supplier in the domestic market. More 90 companies in Russia use our equipment
and test solutions in product and qualification
testing, R&D, quality process analysis and
incoming inspection.
We are focused on development and
continuous improvement of Test Systems and
service to meet your specific requirements
and expectations. Our mission is to help our
customers to refine the quality of their products.

Research and development:

·The modular test platform with an open architecture and a set of new type of functional, measuring and software modules for the metrological provision of VLSI testing.

·The test platform set of measuring modules for current and future directions of VLSI development.

·The universal metrologically certified test platform for total control of static and dynamic parameters of semiconductor devices, including high power IGTB insulated gate tester FORMULA SD.

·Tester for measuring and research characteristics of semiconductor structures on wafers during the inter-operation of process control, FORMULA IVC.

·Control and testing VLSI complex for reliability and durability elektrical and temperature test to the implementation of functional control and parametric measurements during the test.

·Tester of control and measuring of power electronics products parameters: ceaseless voltage stabilizers, secondary power supplies (DC-DC converters DC), high-power solid-state relay and smart keys.



Our own high-tech production, implemented in compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2011 (Certificate № ROSS RU.FK14.I00159)


The organizational structure of the enterprise:
-Technical Director;
-Quality system subdivision; 
-Production subdivision; 
-Design subdivision; 
-Work with consumers subdivision; 
-Resource support subdivision; 

Products and services:


1)System of control and measuring ultrahigh VLSI tester and MEMORY FORMULA HF Ultra 550MHz / 1024 channel.
2)System of control and measuring the high-frequency VLSI tester and MEMORY FORMULA HF3-512, 200 MHz / 512 channels
3)System of control and measuring the high-frequency VLSI tester and MEMORY FORMULA HF3, 200 MHz / 256 channels.
4)System of control and measuring tester of semiconductor devices FORMULA TT2 2000 V / 100 A
5)System of control and measuring electromagnetic relay tester FORMULA R, 12 windings / 8 contact groups / 1000V.
6)System of control and measuring functional and parametric control of VLSI and IC tester FORMULA 2K, 20 MHz/256pins/1M for low and medium integrated digital and analog ICs.
7)System of control and measuring for automated functional and parametric control, diagnostics and fault isolation of electronic components and units FORMULA CK, 20MHz/192pins/192х4 commutator
for circuit boards.
8)Library of test solutions for the control of ECB (chips, semiconductor devices, relays)
9)Set the commutators for the ECB measurements in conditions of high and low temperature
10)The control and measuring ECB Laboratory iLForm.
  • ECB expertise in the field of measurement
  • Metrological audit client tasks
  • Tests ECB
  • Technical support and advice
  • Training
  • Renovation and Modernization
  • Maintenance

Заказные и типовые Тестовые решения TestBox®
Лаборатория входного контроля iLForm под ключ
Система контрольно-измерительная Тестер СБИС и ЗУ FORMULA HF Ultra
Система контрольно-измерительная Тестер электронных узлов FORMULA CK
Система контрольно-измерительная Тестер СБИС HF3/HF3-512
Система контрольно-измерительная Тестер реле FORMULA R
Система контрольно-измерительная Тестер полупроводниковых приборов FORMULA TT2
Система контрольно-измерительная для функционально и параметрического контроля БИС и ИМС Тестер FORMULA 2K

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