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STC AKTOR 11.04.2016 Director: Vorontsov Alexey Viktorovich
Phone: +7 499 6385144
Email: info@aktorstc.ru
Address: 124489 Moscow, Zelenograd, Sosnovaya alleya, bld.6, str.22
Website: www.aktorstc.ru

General Information:

Manufacturing and design of airport and laboratory power supplies, stand equipment according to GOST R 54073-2010 and GOST31812-2012. The output voltage is 27V, 36V, 115V, 200V, 220V, 400Hz, 1000Hz. Aircraft power supplers 400Hz 115V - 220V 50Hz.

Research and development:

Design  systems of power supplies AC and DC.
Design the transmission system to the mobile machine through long cable.
Design of the alternative power systems.


SMT and DIP technologies. winding of HV and HC transformers and inductors.

Products and services:

Laboratory Power AC and DC power.
On-board power supplies.
Aerodrome power supplies.
Simulators of the power supply systems.
Stand-alone power supply system.
Special systems of power supply.

DC power suppliers for laboratories.
AC power suppliers for laboratories.

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