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Optolink Research-and-Production Company

Optolink Research-and-Production Company Director: Yuri N. Korkishko
Phone: +7 (495) 663-17-60
Address: 124489, Russia, Moscow, Zelenograd, Sosnovaya alley, building 6A, premises 5

General Information:

At present, the company NPK “Optolink” mass production of high-precision fiber optic gyros. The company has a unique combination of technologies needed for the production, which can significantly reduce the cost of devices. The company’s products is a success in the global market - sales cover more than 17 countries. The company employs 207 staff members, including 7 doctors and 14 candidates of sciences.

Products and services:

  • Single-axis angular velocity meters
  • Triaxial meters angular velocity
  • Blocks sensitive elements
  • Strapdown inertial navigation systems
  • Integrated-optical elements
  • Optical fibers.

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