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PLAZMA-FTK Director: Bylov Konsrantin
Phone: +7 964-712-99-97
Address: 124460, Moscow, Zelenograd travel 4806 House 6

General Information:

Research company "Plasma-FTC" was created in 2009 to carry out activities in the development, production and sales of safe, has no domestic counterpart hemostat - surgical fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit." Currently, LLC "Plasma-FTC" has developed the necessary materials, and in 2012 was organized by the mass production of glue "Kriofit" capacity 48,000 ml per year, with a 2-shift operation. The raw material for the production of a blood plasma karantinizirovannaya .. The patent for utility model number 110991 "complex for the production of packaged component fibrin-thrombin medical adhesive from the plasma of donated blood, and the trademark" Kriofit "(certificate number 443714) owned by LLC" PLASMA-FTC. " 

Research and development:

With the support of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology under the "Start" in the period from 2010 to 2013 in Zelenograd company "PLASMA-FTC" was held to develop manufacturing technology fibrin-thrombin surgical glue "Kriofit" of a plasma donor, made prototypes glue "Kriofit" held its preclinical and clinical trials in leading medical centers in Moscow. Glue "Kriofit" registered in Roszdravnadzor.


Production Technology FTC "Kriofit" is the first domestic technology for the production of fibrin-thrombin glue. Necessary materials and components used in the manufacture of medical products are available. Basic material - plasma - supplied blood centers, and because of the technology used virusinaktivatsii when there is no need to get tested only during the quarantine period, and guaranteed devoid of viral pathogens of plasma, which allows you to purchase it at a reasonable price.


LLC "Plasma-FTC" is the center of the planning and management of the individual stages of the development of medical products, ranging from R & D and ending with the organization of production and sales of ready REPAIRS.
Project Team is represented by specialists who have considerable experience in the biopharmaceutical sector and the production of medicines from blood plasma, created a production facility capable of providing health facilities medical device that has no competitors among otchestvennnyh products and superior in performance and value of foreign analogi.OOO "PLASMA-FTC" is a large amount of R & D of new technologies. Currently, the project data are prepared for the development and production of domestic disposable consumable systems to reduce the cost of product "Kriofit."

Products and services:

Surgical fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit" (FTC "Kriofit") - a medical device, is capable of hemostasis, tissue joining, and disinfectant properties and is used for fixation of the wound edges, instead of stitches. Scope glue "Kriofit" - surgery, in operations: in oncology, for respiratory organs, the heart, in neurosurgery, abdominal, vascular, female genital mutilation, in aesthetic surgery and in the postoperative period.

Организация производства медицинского фибринтромбинового клея «Криофит» из плазмы одного донора или оперируемого

Surgical fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit"

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