ULTRABI plus Manufacturer: AO NPF BIOSS
Contact name: Trapeznikov Sergey N.
Email: info@bioss.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 276-27-90, 91, 92, 93
Website: www.bioss.ru

Main Purpose:

Multifunctional ultrasound system of high class is designed to carry out full range of ultrasound examinations required in daily practice of ultrasound diagnostics physician. 

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • Probes from 1 up to 15 MHz (up to 192 elements): convex, linear, phased, micro-convex, endocavity, biplane, intraoperative, 3D (option).
  • Scanning modes: B / 2B / 4В / B+M; CD; PD; DPD; TD; PW; CW; B+PW/CW; B+CD/PD+PW/CW.
  • Scanning technologies: evaluation of the blood vessels elasticity, shear wave and compression sono-elastography, panoramic scanning, keystone for linear probes, suppression of speckle noise, color mapping, tissue Doppler and other.
  • Competitive advantages:

    Scanner is able to perform all the functions of stationary ultrasound device but still being portable. The control panel is easy to understand, intuitive. Large LCD screen 15' with adjustable angle, the ability to simultaneously connect up to 4 sensors (with extender), small weight and size, built-in rechargeable power supply allows to use the device in a stationary (on the truck), and a mobile version.

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