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Cashless POS-terminal Vendotek for vending machines

 Cashless POS-terminal Vendotek for vending machines Manufacturer: MULTIPAS LLC
Contact name: Irina Oksenchuk
Email: inf@termt.com
Phone: +7 (499) 995-02-90
Website: www.termt.com

Vending becomes more popular every day. There are plenty of vending machines selling different goods and products – food, drinks, magazines, tickets for public transport and many other things. Vendotek can be built in different types of vending machines thanks to compact housing, availability to use a few types of fixing the device to a vending machine.

Vendotek provides remote collection of sales data. Vending company can receive information about sales and a rest of goods. The information can be collected on a server. Vending companies can optimize their maintenance costs.

The front panel of Vendotek can be of different colours, includes images, logos. Vendotek has a display that can be used for promotional materials.

Vendotek is created by Russian company MULTIPAS. Devices for cashless payments developed by MULTIPAS are actively used in Russia and abroad. One of European customers of Vendotek is Coca-Cola Company in Czech Republic that installed Vendotek in drink vending machines. 

Main Purpose:

POS-terminal Vendotek is designed for using in vending machine. Vendotek allows accepting bank cards, MIFARE cards, NFC smartphones.

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • CPU: ARM9;
  • Flash memory 16-128 MB for saving programs and data;
  • RAM 16-64 MB to run programs;
  • Memory for secure storage with battery supply 4 KB;
  • Supply voltage + 12…40 V;
  • Display 240х320mm, 256 colors (optionally);
  • Interfaces: Ethernet 10Base-T (optionally), GPRS/3G (optionally), RS232 (up to 1М baud) for configuration, RS232 for external reader (+ supply 5V), MDB (cashless device) with supporting Level 3, RS232 for download of audit data;
  • Supported cards in accordance with ISO 14443-3/4 standard: PayPass, PayWave, Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight/Ultralight C, Mifare Plus

Competitive advantages:

  • Work with a wide range of Russian banks (direct connection and a contract);
  • Minimum percentage per transaction (less than 2.5%);
  • Easy connection to a vending machine by one standard cable;
  • Can be mounted on the surface of a vending machine, even when there is no space behind the panel;
  • Built-in modem;
  • Possibility to separate antenna from a vending machine to improve connection;
  • Color graphic display with the ability to show advertisements;
  • Download of an advertising slideshow remotely from the server;
  • Support all banking contactless cards, MIFARE cards and tags, NFC smartphones;
  • Automatic recognition of the card type;
  • Uploading of electronic checks and statistics;
  • Support of uploading audit in accordance with standard EVA-DTS 6.1.1 (protocols DEX / UCS, Enhanced DDCMP);
  • Certificates EMV L1 Contactless, PayPass, PayWave.

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