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EEG accessories MCScap

EEG accessories MCScap Manufacturer: Medical computer systems Ltd.
Contact name: Dmitrii Prilutskii
Phone: +7 (495) 913 3194

Main Purpose:

MCScap is a textile EEG-recording cap with removable electrodes placed according to schemes 10-20, 10-10 (modified) or 10-10 (full).

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

MCScap cap technology comprises elastic caps with plastic fixing rings for electrodes positioned according 10–20 or 10–10 systems and a set of individual removable sintered Ag\AgCl electrodes. It combines the advantages of textile EEG cap with easy reconfiguration and replacement of broken electrodes.

Elastic cap provides the perfect fit of electrodes to the head without additional adjustment.

Numerous ventilation holes are intended for control of the electrode positions and temperature regulation. Various sizes of caps allow using MCScap everyone.

Sizes XL, XL/L and L can be used for the most adult patients. For children and some of adults applied sizes L/M and M. The sizes MS/S, S and XS are used for children during the first years of life. Also new cap sizes Inf for infants.

Electrode touchproof connectors can be plug directly to amplifier front panel or connected via high-density adapter.

Fixing of cap is provided with chin strap or chest belt. For earlobe electrodes are designed a special ear adaptor.

MCScap-T – is a new flat (D12*4) and lightweight (<1gr) EEG electrodes. Primarily the electrodes are designed for long-term registration, requiring maximum comfort and stability, such as EEG monitoring, somnografiya, biofeedback.

Attaching electrodes to the head is possible with:

  • Conductive paste,
  • EEG cap MCScap-T,
  • Disposable adhesive rings through the ring-adapter.

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