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Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafers

Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafers Manufacturer: Epiel JSC
Contact name: Nikolay Tyurnev
Email: info@epiel.ru
Phone: (495) 229-7303
Website: www.epiel.ru

Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafer is an ultrapure monocrystalline sapphire (Al2O3) wafer with a thin layer of monocrystalline silicon deposited on top of it by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The aim is to have a silicon layer of uniform thickness and accurately controlled electrical properties and so to provide a perfect substrate for the subsequent device processing. The advantage of sapphire is that it is an excellent electrical insulator, preventing stray currents caused by radiation from spreading to nearby circuit elements. Silicon on Sapphire is part of the Silicon on Insulator (SOI) family of CMOS technologies. Epiel manufactures 76, 100 and 150 mm Silicon on Sapphire Epitaxial wafers. These wafers are mainly used as substrates for manufacturing electronic devices used in sensors, telecommunications, optoelectronics, space and military applications.

Main Purpose:

Basic substrate material used in microelectronics for the fabrication of radiation resistant integrated circuits, sensors and other semiconductor devices.

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

Wafer size

76, 100 and 150 mm

Crystal orientation of Epitaxial layer


Epitaxial layer thickness

0,3 – 2,0 µm

Epitaxial layer dopant

Phosphorous, Boron

Epitaxial layer resistivity



2,5–10; 5–30; >30 Ohm.cm

0,01 – 1,0 Ohm.cm


Rradiation resistant integrated circuits, sensors and other

Competitive advantages:

  • Enables unique device characteristics due to insulator substrate
  • Deposition know-how for low dislocations, twinning and stacking faults from crystal lattice disparities
  • Ultra-high purification of process components for outstanding crystalline perfection of epitaxial layers
  • Perfect cost-performance balance due to batch type processing
  • Small batch shipments available

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