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Integrated circuits (IC) for computing devices

Integrated circuits (IC) for computing devices Manufacturer: Angstrem PJSC
Contact name: Kanunnikov Vladimir
Phone: +7 (499) 731 49 06

Main Purpose:

Special-purpose computer facilities, telephony, cash dispensers

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • 1806VM2 IC – 16-bit microprocessor, package 4138.42-10.01, 5V +-10%, 5MHz

  • N1806VM2 IC – 16-bit microprocessor, package N18.64-1V, 5V+-10%, 5MHz

  • 1806VM3U IC 16-bit microprocessor, package N18.64-1V, 5V +_10%, 8MHz

  • 1806VM4U IC 32/64-bit co-processor, package N18.64-1V, 5V +-10%, 8MHz

  • 1806VM5U IC 16-bit processor, package N18.64-1V, 5V+-10%, 16MHz

  • 1830VE51N4 IC - 8-bit microcomputer with masked ROM

  • 1839VM1F IC bus adapter, package 6111.132-1, 5V+-10%, 10MHz

  • 1839VM2F IC-32/64-bit co-processor, package 6111.132-1, 5V+-10%, 10MHz

  • 1839VT2F IC static memory controller, package 6111.132-1, 5V+-10%, 10MHz

  • N1839VZh2 IC bilateral majority element with monitoring functions, package N18.64-1V, 5V+-10%

  • KR1878VE1 IC 8-bit microcontroller

  • L1839VM1 IC 32-bit microprocessor, package 6111.132-1, 5V+-10%, 10MHz

  • K5004VE1 IC 8-bit microcontroller, delivery both as packaged version (package 7102.8-1) and as tape modules to be implanted into smart cards.

  • 1867VM2N4 IC – one-chip digital signal processor with improved performance

  • 1874VE36N4 IC – 16-bit microcontroller with masked ROM, ADC, 20MHz, 5V+-10%

  • К1008VZh29R2 – pulse dialer, package 201.14-2

  • K1446VG5P – electrically erasable programmable ROM with single-wire serial interface

  • K145VG10N5 – signal segment driver for matrix liquid-crystal indicator

  • K145VG15N5 – line and column driver for HV liquid-crystal indicator

  • K145VG9N5 - 64-channel anodic signal driver for matrix liquid-crystal indicator

  • KB1013VG6-5 – LCD controller

  • KB1446VG5-5 - EEPROM 4*256

  • KB145VG6-5 - 40-channel LCD line and column driver

  • KR1008VZh16 – pulse/tone dialer, package 2104.18-V

  • KR1008VZh27- pulse/tone dialer, package 2104.18-V

  • L1839VT2

Competitive advantages:

  • Angstrem brand guarantees the quality and reliability of our output products

  • Scheduled times

  • Competitive price ensured by our in-house development

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