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Surgical fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit"

Surgical fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit" Manufacturer: “PLAZMA-FTK”
Contact name: Bylov Konstantin
Email: plazmaftk@mail.ru
Phone: +7 964-712-99-97
Website: www.kriofit.ru

The product is a tape of 2 syringes with a common plug. One syringe is fibrinogen, the other - thrombin. Thrombin-fibrin glue "Kriofit" represents the protein solution a yellow color, the solution pH from 7.0 to 7.4., Protein. From 5.0 to 6.0%. . The fibrinogen content of 40%, 40% thrombin, cryoprecipitate 10%. . Quantitative determination of fibrinogen. 31mg / ml., Quantification of factor VIII. 28 IU / ml ,, Quantitation of fibronectin. 9mg / ml., Quantification of Factor XIII. 7.5 IU / ml Quantitation of thrombin (avg.). 50 IU / ml. The feedstock for fibrintrombinovogo glue "KRIOFIT" using single donor blood plasma. Apply glue "Kriofit" reduces blood loss by 1.5 times, which reduces plasma transfusion karantizirovannoy and suspension of packed red cells, reducing the time of operation and the postoperative period, sharply reduces the number of reoperations

Main Purpose:

The main purpose glue "KRIOFIT"

  • adequate hemostasis (geopideznye bleeding, bleeding from the great vessels). 
  • Liquorrhea primary and secondary. 
  • Tightness anatomical cavities (for fixing organic tissues: liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas, kidney, brain). 
  • Overlay cosmetic sutures. 
Scope glue "KRIOFIT":
  • oncology; 
  • on the respiratory organs, heart, and in neurosurgery, abdominal; 
  • on vessels, female genital mutilation, in plastic surgery and in dentistry. 
  • in burn surgery 

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

Fibrin-thrombin glue "Kriofit" has the following properties:
  • biocompatibility with body tissues
  • reabsortsiya complete in a few weeks
  • the ability to accelerate wound healing through the formation of new blood vessels and local tissue growth
  • sheeting when combined fibrinogen (kriopretsitata) and thrombin for 10 s
  • sterility provided at all stages of the life cycle from production and transportation

Competitive advantages:

Fibrintrombinovy ​​glue "Kriofit" has the following advantages:

  • Operational possible to manufacture autologous FTC
  • Safe use: the glue does not contain ingredients of animal origin, which guarantees the absence of adverse reactions to foreign proteins;
  • No transmission probability hematogenic infections undergo surgery virusinaktivatsii
  • Easy preparation and use: time until ready for use - 10 min. (Heating up 37˚S) without requiring dissolution of dry components in terms of maintaining sterility
  • The price is 2-3 times lower than imported counterparts (basic analogue Tissucol Kit does not come to Russia in 2014.)

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