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KIBI-001 Proximity RFID card

KIBI-001 Proximity RFID card Manufacturer: Angstrem PJSC
Contact name: Semichastnov Oleg
Email: ols@angstrem.ru
Phone: +7 (499) 720 83 80
Website: www.angstrem.ru

Main Purpose:

This identifier is intended for the use as access device in automated access control systems (AACS)

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • operating frequency – 125kHz

  • read range - from 0mm to 150mm

  • built-in ROM capacity - 64 bit

  • ROM programming method – zapping by producer

  • overall dimensions - 87*55*4mm

  • weight – less than 18g

Competitive advantages:

  • Angstrem brand guarantees the quality and reliability of our output products

  • Scheduled times of shipment

  • Competitive price ensured by our in-house development.

  •   Ruggedized case,

  •   Built-in power supply is not required,

  •   Reader interfacing protocol as per EM Marin standard.

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