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SBR-001B Proximity RF reader

SBR-001B Proximity RF reader Manufacturer: Angstrem PJSC
Contact name: Semichastnov Oleg
Email: ols@angstrem.ru
Phone: +7 (499) 720 83 80
Website: www.angstrem.ru

Main Purpose:

This reader is intended for access control systems (ACS) with the following interfaces: Wiegand-33 (Version 1), Wiegand-26 (Version 2), and RS232C (Version 3). A Version-3 reader can be connected to personal computer through open 9-pin СОМ slot.

The reader is intended for the installation at turnstiles, doors and equipment.

It may be installed on metal surface.

The reader is designed to be operated with the identifiers KIBI-002 (card), BID-002 (tag), BIZh-002 (token), and MMBIT-002 (tab) and their analogs with a Check Point format.

It generates a high-frequency (13.56MHz) magnetic field with magnetic intensity being safe for human body (on permanent exposure to it).

The reader is provided with built-in audible alarm and two-color light-indication LED.

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • Guaranteed read range when using KIBI-002 - from 0mm to 150mm;

  • Maximum read range when using KIBI-002 – 210mm;

  • Power-supply voltage – 8V – 16V;

  • Average useful current at unloaded interface – less than 85mA;

  • Overall dimensions (without mounting elements) – 108mmх77mmх23mm;

  • Cable length – 150cm;

  • Cable diameter – 5mm.

Competitive advantages:

  • Angstrem brand guarantees the quality and reliability of our output products

  • Scheduled times

  • Competitive price ensured by our in-house development.

  • Moisture- and dust-proof

  • Design

  • Mounting in unheated closed rooms (climatic version - ‘U’, Class 2, as per GOST 15150-69)

  • It may be installed on metal surface

  • Guaranteed operating-temperature range: from minus 20 º C to plus 40 º C

  • Long read distance

  • Low useful current

  • Wide range for power-supply voltage tolerances

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