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SBR-005M and SBR-006M Proximity RF readers

SBR-005M and SBR-006M Proximity RF readers Manufacturer: Angstrem PJSC
Contact name: Semichastnov Oleg
Email: ols@angstrem.ru
Phone: +7 (499) 720 83 80
Website: www.angstrem.ru

Main Purpose:

These readers are intended for access control systems (ACS) with a Wiegand-33 interface. They are installed at turnstiles, doors and equipment in unheated closed rooms (climatic version – U, Class 2, as per GOST 15150-69) and at the places with elevated vandalism risk. The readers may be installed on metal surface. A SBR-005M reader is provided with built-in keyboard to additionally enter access code. A SBR-006M reader has no keyboard. The readers has been designed for their use in ACS both with cryptographically secure identifiers (KIBI-M) and insecure ones (KIBI-002, KIBI-002MT [cards], BID-002 [tag], and BIZh-002 [token] and their analogs) with a 13.56MHz carrier frequency. Recognition of identifier type – automatic.

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

  • Guaranteed read range when using KIBI-002 - from 0mm to 70mm;

  • Maximum read range when using KIBI-M – from 0mm to 40mm;

  • Power-supply voltage – 12V;

  • Average useful current at unloaded interface – less than 180mA;

  • Overall dimensions (without mounting elements) – 133mmх101mmх32mm;

  • Cable length – 150cm;

  • Cable diameter – 5mm.

Competitive advantages:

  • Angstrem brand guarantees the quality and reliability of our output products

  • Scheduled times

  • Competitive price ensured by our in-house development

  • Workable with cards and other

  • Identifiers such as Mifare® Std 1k and Check Point

  • Vandalism-, moisture- and dust-proof design

  • Built-in audible alarm and two-color light-indication LED

  • There is serial interface for key recording when operating in ACS with cryptographically protected identifiers

  • Additional access protection system with the use of keyboard (only for SBR-005M)

  • Automatic recognition of indicator type

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