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Automated magnetron deposition system Caroline D12B

Automated magnetron deposition system Caroline D12B Manufacturer: RU-VEM
Contact name: Mikhail Suvorov
Phone: (499) 710-60-00, (499) 710-60-11

Main Purpose:

Caroline D12B system is designed for magnetron deposition on silicon, ceramic or any flat substrates less than 150 mm diameter (substrate thickness should be less than 30 mm). Maximum surface processing -150x350 mm.

Technical characteristics and functional parameters:

Substrate holders are located on rotating drum. Magnetron units (up to 4) are placed inside the drum and sputter deposition is performed invertical direction.

Magnetron units of the system are capable for sputtering any material, including resistive alloys ofCu, Cr, Ni,AI, etc.

Technical specification:

The number of substrates processed for one sputtering cycle

48 pcs. ∅100, 28 pcs. ∅150, 111 pcs. 60x48

Automatic shutter control for all targets

Working gas consumption for each channel, 1/hour


The number of working gases (non-aggressive)

up to 3

Cleaning module


Magnetron units

up to 4

Magnetron type (for film deposition)

mid-frenquency pulsed

Magnetron working current, controlled, A

0,5÷15 (optional 30)

Magnetron voltage, V


Targets dimensions (Indirectly cooled complex targets can be used), mm


Allowed pressure in sputtering chamber, Pa


The witness piece of substrate resistance range, kO


Resistivity measurement uncertainty,%


Recommended temperature of substrates (°C, max 300)


Substrates temperature instability, %


Umiting residual pressure in working chamber, Pa


Total system start-up time including cryopump warm-up, min


Overall dimensions of the system, with lifted chamber (width x depth x height, mm)


Total weight, including power and control units, kg

< 1700

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