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TRIZA-SPUTNIK ltd. Director: Yury K. Poletaev
Phone: 8-499-736-69-87, 8-499-735-85-46, многоканальный 8-495-739-0782
Email: job@jobcv.ru
Address: Moscow, Zelenograd, h.617, entrance 2, floor 1
Website: www.jobcv.ru

General Information:

“TRIZA-Sputnik” ltd. has been into staff recruitment of overqualified specialists for microelectronics plants and related industries since 1992.

Recruitment agency “TRIZA-Sputnik” deals with recruiting of staff as well as temporary employees, outstaffing, it also monitors the demand for staff in companies and conducts the marketing research of level of wages and working conditions. Recruitment for companies is carried out in tight deadlines with a guarantee period from 3 to 6 months.

The agency deals with staff recruitment in Moscow, Zelenograd, Khimki, Lobnya, Solnechnogorsk, Sheremetevo, Istra, Istrinsky and Solnechnogorsky districts.

Our key customers are large international and Russian enterprises, branches of foreign companies in Russia, etc.

Research and development:

  • Research of labor market in Zelenograd as systematic monitoring of specialists.
  • Identification of demand for staff in companies.
  • Development of Know How recruitment technology – “Technological stages of recruiting”.
  • Cooperation with a number of higher education institutions to interview and promote the most talented students in the labor market.
  • Development of internal recruitment system integrated into the database of specialists in the field of microelectronics at ASP. NET. 


  • Recruitment system integrated into the database of specialists.
  • Know How Recruitment technology – “Technological stages of recruiting”.


  • Department for recruiting staff for companies
  • Department for recruiting temporary staff
  • Department for recruiting staff for families
  • Department of IT-development

Products and services:

  • Recruitment
  • Recruiting temporary staff
  • Staff assessment
  • HR records management
  • Outstaffing
  • Psychological consulting
  • CV making
  • Providing consultations to promote specialists
  • Researching and reporting on wages, working conditions and specialists’ demands on labor market. 

Staff recruitment in the field of microelectronics

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