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Test and functional control services

Company: “Zelenograd nanotechnology center” JSC
Contact name: Oksana Shaimardanova
Phone: 8-499-720-69-44

Key limit /boundary/ process parameters:

Key parameters for digital microcircuits:

Number of channels - 256.

Maximum testing frequency - 500 MHz.

Key parameters for analog microcircuits:

Generator of number sequences with 2 Gbit memory and 500 Mbit data transmission rate.

Signal generator with 150 MHz maximum frequency and sample number per second 109 and memory of 4 million samples.

Key parameters of memory test unit:

Algorithmic sequencer.

Data receiving device.

Data transmission rate – 250 MHz.


Competitive advantages:

testing and functional control of domestic and foreign production for special applications (VLSI, MEMS and SoC, 3D IC).

QUALITY management system certified according ISO 9001:2001 and required domestic standards to provide certificate testing of electronic components of domestic and foreign VLSI, MEMS, SoC and SiP.

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