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Staff recruitment in the field of microelectronics

Staff recruitment in the field of microelectronics Company: TRIZA-Sputnik
Contact name: Zoya A. Syrbu
Phone: 8-499-736-69-87, 8-499-735-85-46, многоканальный 8-495-739-0782

“TRIZA-Sputnik” ltd. has been into staff recruitment of overqualified specialists for microelectronics plants and related industries since 1992.

Recruitment agency “TRIZA-Sputnik” deals with recruiting of staff as well as temporary employees, outstaffing, it also monitors the demand for staff in companies and conducts the marketing research of level of wages and working conditions. Recruitment for companies is carried out in tight deadlines with a guarantee period from 3 to 6 months.

The agency deals with staff recruitment in Moscow, Zelenograd, Khimki, Lobnya, Solnechnogorsk, Sheremetevo, Istra, Instrincky and Solnechnogorsky districts.

Our key customers are large international and Russian enterprises, branches of foreign companies in Russia, etc.

Key limit /boundary/ process parameters:

To monitor the demand for staff in companies, analyze the working conditions and monitor workforce potential in the field of microelectronics of the region the unique software was worked out and implemented. It not only collects and stores the data about specialists and enterprises where they work, but also allows to trace correlation between specialists in some particular fields (e.g. construction in microelectronics) and those companies where they worked before and work now, their extrapolated presence in the labor market, the balance of demand and supply, their requirements and cooperation with other specialists, carrier growth, its perspectives and etc.

  • Unique software for monitoring the labor market and demand for staff.
  • Sputnik-Personnel recruitment Know How - “Technological stages of recruitment”.
  • Structured database of specialists in the field of microelectronics and related industries of the region.


A customized approach, monitoring data about specialists in the region and unique structured database (in fields of activity and economic sectors) underlie the stable work of our company. Large experience in headhunting, direct searching, recruiting allows to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated business leaders.

Competitive advantages:

  • The first in Zelenograd and one of the oldest Recruitment Agencies in Russia.
  • More than 23 years of experience in labor market.
  • Successful implementation of more than 2000 projects.
  • Monitoring about 40 % of qualified specialists in Zelenograd.
  • Effective operational system to process orders.
  • Excellent knowledge of labor market in Moscow and North-West of Moscow region

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