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Scientific research and modeling

Company: Aivok LLC
Contact name: Ekaterina Bondina

Competitive advantages:

Aivok LLC has extensive experience in scientific research and modeling:
  • Development of a platform for the diagnosis of pathologies based on plasmon biosensors and nanoparticle tracking analysis
  • Development of diagnostic methods and device for the express analysis of geometric and electrokinetic parameters of non-spherical nanoscale objects in liquid dispersions based on multi-angle static, dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering
  • Development of technology and organization of production of a system for high-precision and multi-parameter early diagnosis of infectious diseases
  • Software for modeling of the kinetics of asphaltene aggregation
  • Software for calculating the electrokinetic potential of nanoparticles of various shapes
  • Software for multispectral visualization of particle trajectories in liquid dispersions
The company's employees have dozens of scientific papers in physics, optics, biotechnology, and number of patents.

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