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Turnkey ASIC design and manufacturing

Company: Design Center KM211
Contact name: Dmitry Pustov
Email: info@km211.com
Phone: +7 (499) 940-03-56
Website: www.km211.com

KM211 provides comprehensive access to TSMC technologies for prototyping and volume production of ASIC products.

MPW service is introduced for prototyping purposes. KM211 services are based on clients requirements and may include:

  • Consulting on process selection;
  • Access to PDK and libraries
  • Access to IP blocks, including customization and development of new IP cores
  • Project development from scratch or project finalization based on client’s developments;
  • Proprietary KM211 processor cores licensing
  • Project layout final verification
  • IC fabrication in all formats, including MPW/MLM/Full Mask Set;
  • Testing, sawing, packaging
  • Logistics to Russia and customs;
  • Full preparation and conducting of volume production

Key limit /boundary/ process parameters:

  • Technology nodes from 0.5 microns up to 28 nm.
  • Volume production from 10 pieces to 1 000 000 per month
  • Packaging to metal and plastic case types from 8 to 700 pins

Competitive advantages:

As a TSMC VCA, KM211 can provide the best price conditions for IPs and MPW runs!

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