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Zelax Director: Sukhman Sergey Maratovich
Phone: +7 (495) 748-71-78
Address: 1B Zavodskaya str., building 2 Moscow, Zelenograd, Russia 124681

General Information:

Zelax - a leading developer and manufacturer of data network solutions. The company earned its reputation of the reliable telecommunication equipment manufacturer as a result of long-term cooperation with the largest strategically important enterprises of the Russian economy and government institutions.

Research and development:

Zelax production facility and research center, which is located in Zelenograd, allow for a full cycle of design and manufacturing of modern equipment with custom parameters. The unique design, the utilization of the achievements of the world leading companies in the field of microelectronics, reliability, optimal price-quality ratio, full adaptation to the Russian transport networks enable customers to effectively implement Zelax solutions for data transmission systems via fiber-optic and copper lines.


Zelax has a team of highly qualified professionals. The company employs about 120 people. Employees’ average period of operation in Zelax is more than seven years. 31% of the staff work for more than 10 years.

Products and services:

The company manufactures wavelength-division multiplexing systems, routers, switches, multiplexers, modems, TDM over IP gateways, converters, surge protectors and other telecommunications equipment. 

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